Take an expedition with us!

Are you tired of last minute holidays on crowded beaches? Are you fed up with full bus tours? Do you want to escape the crowds and experience a real adventure?
Come with us!

We have been traveling around the world since 2003. Our past experience includes dozens of trips to the most interesting corners of the world. Our trips are not limited only to attractions from the first pages of the guides. We try to discover the less-obvious places, track down forgotten stories and reach beautiful corners of a given country to truly get to know it, feel it, experience it …
If you dream about traveling, are captivated by the beautiful world beyond your backyard and you want to experience a real adventure – then your invited. Take advantage of our experience and embark on a journey with us.
Already this year we have some exciting trips planned that you can join. Plans are underway to visit:

“Za dwadzieścia lat bardziej będziesz żałował tego, czego nie zrobiłeś, niż tego, co zrobiłeś. Więc odwiąż liny, opuść bezpieczną przystań. Złap w żagle pomyślne wiatry. Podróżuj. Śnij. Odkrywaj!”

Mark Twain