We had the privilege to present our account of the Switzerland tour at the geographic competition in Rzeszow. Thank you very much for your interest and … see you at the awards.


Last few days of journey through Indochina.
1. Once again in the village of “long necks”
2. Mountain tribes in the vicinity of Chiang Mai
3. Bats at the Bang Khla temple
4. The King died! May the new king live! – Bangkok
5. The always smiling Thai people
6. Just before departure – Bangkok at night


We visit among other things:
1. Village of Burmese refugees – Padaung tribe
2. River cruise – in the famous Golden Triangle on the border with Burma and Laos
3. “Do you want to sip?” – Monkey from Lopburi
4. Red Lotus Lake just after sunrise
Night Market in Chiang Mai



We’ve arrived!
After a few days we can now share the first photos!
1. At the airport – almost all our team: Rysiek, Darek, Łukasz, Maciek and … Grzesiek, who got lost in Oman
2. Kanchanaburi – to this day, lots of people live on the water.
3. Visiting a Taj family – we experience the kindness and openness of the locals.
4. Erawan Waterfalls – a well deserved rest after a hot (+ 28° C!) and active day.
5. Buddha’s head entwined in tree roots – Ayutthaya Historical Park.
6. Elephant Taxi – together with the after-effects of non-standard driving

Packed and ready!

In a few hours we will start our, for some, consecutive, trip to Thailand.
In the morning we are going to Munich airport and we start our adventure ☺