About Us

We are a group of young people who are interested in the world and are striving to discover it. Our adventure with travelling started at Primary School when we had the opportunity to see a slideshow from a journey to India. It was then, that the dream was born to see the world with our own eyes. Our friend help make our plans a reality, when one day they said „Don’t dream your life, but live your dreams”. It mobilised us to realise our dreams, even those that seemed the most unattainable. In 2003 we formed the group „trzask.pl”, with whom we have visited several dozen exotic locations (we’ve also been able to realise our childhood dream – to visit India). But most importantly, every day there are new ideas for increasingly interesting and unique trips.

We present photographic material from current trips at events organised by our management team – including destinations such as Norway, India, Iran, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Mexico, China, Peru, South Africa and more. Photo presentations are accompanied by extensive narration containing a wide array of relevant information to the given region of the world, a mass of trivia and interesting facts, situations and experiences that took place during the trip.

We have performed thousands of presentations, which are always very popular i received well by the audience.

Ryszard Stabach trzask.pl

Ryszard Stabach – founder of the group, „trzask.pl”, organiser of the photographic presentations and traveller whose passion it is to capture time on photographic film.

Aleksandra Kempska-Stabach trzask.pl

Aleksandra Kempska-Stabach – always been interested in the world. Loves reading and spending time with kids. Her catchphrase is „I read a great book…” ☺

Samuel Kempski trzask.pl

Samuel Kempski – has been working with trzask.pl for a couple of years. During travels he most values meeting people, music and coffee. He likes speed(-ing 😉 ).

Grzegorz Chachura trzask.plGrzegorz Chachura – traveller, fan of „Top Gear” and good music.

Klaudia Chachura trzask.pl

Klaudia Chachura – an artist and photographer. On our travels her number one joy is in tasting the local delicacies.

Maciej Kras trzask.pl

Maciej Kras– amateur musician, lover of good food, with an infectious sense of humor and joy. The creator of “machkology” ☺

Dariusz Rochecki trzask.pl

Dariusz Rochecki – he is driven by a love for nature and a fascination of the diversity of cultures – a fan of ethnic music. Every trip brings new supplies of spices.

Łukasz Skórnóg trzask.plŁukasz Skórnóg – mountains, outdoor and nature lover.